McRay Denton Vision Center History

McRay-Denton Vision Center has served the people of Southwest and Central Oklahoma for many years. Dr. John McRay began his optometric practice in 1967 in downtown Chickasha in the petroleum building. Dedicating himself to providing state of the art eye care with the latest in technology, Dr. McRay built a practice serving patients across the entire southwest portion of Oklahoma with several even driving across the state line for eye care. As his practice grew, he saw the need to bring in another eye doctor. One of his early patients was a near-sighted nephew from Lawton, Okla. This boy grew up watching Dr. McRay care for patients and decided to become an optometric physician himself. In 1983, that near-sighted boy, Dr. Stephen McRay, joined the practice then called McRay Vision Center. In 1985, Dr. Craig Denton, who had grown up in Chickasha, returned and joined the practice, which became McRay-Denton Vision Center. McRay-Denton Vision Center now has two separate full service offices with complete same day lenscrafting laboratories in Chickasha and Newcastle, Okla.

From the beginning, McRay Denton Vision Center has dedicated itself to providing the best vision care possible. In pursuit of this goal many things have changed over the years. The Center was the first in Southwest Oklahoma to install a rapid delivery full service lenscrafting laboratory, in 1984. Since a large number of patients come from towns such as Duncan, Lindsay, Rush Springs, Marlow, Dibble, Anadarko, Blanchard, and Mountain View, it allows those patients the convenience to drive home with their new eyeglasses the day of their exam and avoid a return trip in most cases.

The doctors of McRay Denton Vision Center stay abreast of the latest in eye care education and technology. Dr. Stephen McRay and Dr. Craig Denton are both certified to perform anterior segment laser surgery and are the only Optometric Physicians in Grady County who perform YAG laser eye surgery in their office. Their training has also helped many in Southwest Oklahoma achieve freedom from eyeglasses and contact lenses through Laser Vision Correction. With this proven technology, no longer does a person have only the option of eyeglasses or contact lenses to deal with their vision needs. Now, through the advanced technology of Excimer Laser Vision Correction, people from all walks of life can dramatically reduce and in most cases totally eliminate the need for eyeglasses and contact lenses. The doctors of McRay Denton Vision Center also provide diagnosis and treatment for eye diseases such as glaucoma, eye infections, eye injuries, dry eye and much more.

In the 1980’s many patients began expressing a need for high quality reasonably priced hearing aid care. To meet this need, the McRay Denton Hearing Aid Center was formed. Now people from all over Southwest Oklahoma with hearing needs, even those who do not have eyeglass needs, are receiving the same dedication to care and service as has been provided by McRay Denton Vision Center. Two full-time hearing aid specialists are available to provide free hearing tests Monday through Friday of each week. The latest in hearing testing instrumentation is available to assure the highest accuracy possible in your hearing test. In fact, a brand new state of the art audiometer was recently installed. Utilizing this audiometer along with a special sound proof testing booth further assures the most accurate readings possible. You can be assured that your individually designed hearing aid will be manufactured to exacting specifications just for your individual hearing needs.

In 1985, to meet the needs of patients in the growing area of Blanchard, Tuttle, Bridgecreek and Newcastle, McRay Denton Vision Center opened a satellite clinic 5 miles east of Tuttle on Highway 37. The practice grew at such a rate that after two office moves, it was necessary to build a full service free standing 3000 square foot optometric care facility in 1995. The people of Southwest and Central Oklahoma can now choose the convenience of either location depending upon where they live.

The more things change, though, at McRay Denton Vision Center, the more they really stay the same. The dedication to the highest quality of vision care has always been a constant.

  • Patient care facilities with a combined square footage of over 8500 square feet
  • A total of 15 trained optometric assistants for patient care
  • A full service lenscrafting laboratory
  • Family savings plans
  • A huge selection of frames
  • Value pricing of eyewear to fit any budget
  • Medicare/Medicaid participation
  • Rapid filing of insurance claims

All these things and much more are available at McRay Denton Vision Center simply because that is what should be expected from the highest level of service. And McRay Denton Vision Center certainly delivers. McRay Denton Vision Center is prepared and dedicated to provide the public of Central and Southwest Oklahoma the utmost quality in vision care far into the 21st Century.